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Meet the Wildcraft Founders at UnPluggd #Speakers

What makes Wildcraft so wildly successful ? Did you know that Wildcraft’s first product in the early 1990s was a dome tent not for sale !!

Today, they are a global brand and aim to hit the revenue of Rs. 1,000 crores by 2020.

What’s the story like? What makes the brand tick? What can other entrepreneurs learn from Wildcraft?

Meet Siddharth and Gaurav of Wildcraft. They are speaking at UnPluggd and this is going to be one hell of an interactive session !!

About Siddharth

One part of the duo that runs Wildcraft today, Siddharth heads Wildcraft’s supply chain, production, finance, and information systems. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey at Wildcraft, he worked in leadership roles across the globe with General Electric and Hewitt Associates.

His enthusiasm for numbers, technology and operational efficiency has been key to Wildcraft’s exponential growth.

Gaurav Dublish

One of the company’s owners, Gaurav is head of all things business at Wildcraft. A chance encounter having turned into a journey of a life time,

Gaurav was involved with the company for over a decade while holding various leadership roles in the BFSI sector before he turned his attention fulltime to the company in 2007.

The company has been through a series of events – right from lack of planning to pure executional focus – and now, growth, growth and growth.

Meet Sidharth and Gaurav at UnPluggd, India’s most amazing startup and product conference !

Details: June 24th, Bangalore (Hotel Park Plaza).

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